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Why The Beatles?

Even more than 40 years since they split up (and 50 years since the release of their first single!), the Beatles remain one of the world’s most famous, popular and enduring bands.

They may not be around anymore, but The Beatles remain with us. Why else would the Queen’s Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony end with Macca singing Beatles songs to a worldwide audience?


For some, their popularity comes from the fact that the Beatles represent the 1960s, a by-gone age that they still long for. But there’s much more to it than that. Simply put, the quality of the songs – the lyrics, the music, the arrangements and the way they were recorded, are timeless – which is why they appeal so much to subsequent generations. They stand the test of time like no other.


The Beatles’ song book is so diverse that, whether you’re a fan of their early mop-top era, love the psychedelic age of Sgt Pepper, or prefer the raw and contemporary sound of Abbey Road, there really is something for everyone.
And what about younger audiences? What do they care about a 50-year old band? Just about any modern band worth its salt openly credits the Beatles as an influence. Plus, it simply isn’t cool to say ‘I don’t like the Beatles”! So, if you are looking to entertain a diverse bunch of people with a single band, you can’t go wrong with the Beatles!
“Sgt. Pepper was the first album I ever bought.” 
– Paul Weller
“No.1 in the top 10 bands of all time” 
– Noel Gallagher
“Their songs are so ridiculously good, it makes us sick!”
– McFly
“They were in a league of their own… and much cooler than us!” 
– One Direction
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What we can do for you

We’re Like… The Beatles and we offer more than 6 years of experience in performing in front of and entertaining a broad range of audiences (large and small) across every kind of venue and event imaginable.
We have performed on BBC television and radio, made international television appearances, played to sold out theatres, holiday parks, hotels, outdoor events, festivals – right the way through to pubs, restaurants, music bars, social clubs and even back gardens! Events include corporates, weddings, birthdays and general celebrations!
We perform in character, use authentic costumes and instruments, sing the right harmonies (all in the right key), provide our own PA and lighting and are fully self contained. We even bring along our own sound engineer at no additional cost. Unlike many Beatles tributes out there, we also feature a stage piano as part of our set up, which we play live to help ensure that authentic Beatle sound.
Our costumes and instruments are designed to suit each era in the Beatles’ story, so we have a range of classy matching suits for the mop-top era, authentic costumes from the Beatles Shea Stadium concert, mind-blowingly authentic Sgt Pepper costumes to represent the summer of love, as well as costumes from the Let It Be and Abbey Road eras. We make sure we’re playing the right guitars to match each look!
How long we perform for is really up to you and your budget – from a single half hour, through to two 1-hour sets. How many costumes we use depends on the number of sets you book us for.
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We are competitively priced, offer great value for money and are available for bookings across the UK and further afield.
“As close to the Fab Four
as you can get!” 
- BBC Television
“Not the originals, but they certainly look and sound like them!” 
- BBC Radio
“Just wanted to say that I can't thank you enough for your performance at the wedding... you guys are amazing!! Everyone thought you were incredible!! Also the customer service was spot on!! 
Best wishes to you all and thanks a million!!” 
- Abbie, the happy bride
“Fantastic tribute act to the Fab 4, quality performance and will definitely be back at the club.” 
- The Parkside Club