About The Band

Like... The Beatles are dedicated to bringing audiences the most accurate and fun Beatles tribute experience possible.


Like... The Beatles are as close to the original band as you can get. From the obsessive attention to detail in the musicianship and characterisation to the replica costumes, instruments and equipment, we are completely dedicated to bringing audiences the most technically accurate experience of The Beatles a tribute band can get. Our love for and obsession with The Beatles is apparent in every aspect of our performance.


Being largely a band of brothers, our close family dynamic helps create the onstage camaraderie we all associate with The Beatles. From their earliest days in Liverpool to the heady last days in Abbey Road Studios, Like... The Beatles recreate it all with diligence and respect, to the point that the audience loses themselves in the incredible music and forgets about the tribute band - and that's our aim!

Like... The Beatles want to give the audience a broad picture of The Beatles' history and where time allows, we can do two or more costume changes during a set! We will also focus on one period of The Beatles' history if required. We are available to add some fabfourdom to pubs. social clubs, nightclubs, festivals, weddings, birthdays, garden parties, corporate events or any other private party - you name it, we can play it!


Meet The Beatles
Beatles Tribute Band - Like The Beatles: Steve Bio
Bio: Steve has been a Beatles fan since the early Nineties, where he was introduced to the band's work by a tutor while studying for his English Literature A-Level. He spent a whole lesson trying to unpick the symbolism and themes ofShe's Leaving Home who needs Shakespeare, eh??
Always taking his hobbies and interests a step too far, Steve then went on to teach himself to sing and play rhythm guitar by learning Beatles songs. Finding himself out of work in 2000, Steve decided to pack his acoustic guitar and fly over to the Channel Islands, where he spent a summer playing Beatles numbers in pubs for pints of beer!

Returning to England, Steve decided to continue to explore his love of live performance and has been performing on stage in various guises since 2001. In that time, he has appeared in a wide variety of amateur stage productions in both lead and supporting roles, including Oliver! by Lionel Bart, Loot by Joe Orton and A Day In The Death of Joe Egg by Peter Nichols. Steve also appeared in the world's first authorised amateur stage production of Blackadder, by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, which went on to win a number of local and regional dramatic awards.

Steve is also a previous member of The Murder Squad; a company of actors who perform murder mystery evenings. During his 6-year tenure with the group, he would often perform Beatles songs with his acoustic guitar to a receptive crowd.

Steve formed what was to become Like... The Beatles with his brother Nick and his brother-in-law Munro in January 2008. 3 months later, the band had its first gig and the band haven't stopped since!

Favourite Beatles Song:
Strawberry Fields Forever (acoustic demo) John's vocal is so personal, pure and haunting. amazing!

Favourite Beatles Album:
Revolver (1966) the band's metamorphosis to contemporary music was well underway and it shows in an amazing set of songs and this album inspired Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, so what's not to like??.

Beatles Highlight: 
My mum secretly getting me a personalised, signed autograph from legendary Beatles producer, George Martin by writing him a grovelling letter!
Beatles Tribute Band - Like The Beatles: Nick Bio
Bio: Nick has been playing guitar and singing in various bands since he was 16 years old and has been in bands that include Fester, Charlotte Avenue and 18crown6, the latter being where he met his friend and brother-in-law to be, Nick Munro.

With 18crown6, Nick played many gigs around the UK and enjoyed a small but dedicated following. Aside from his interest in music, Nick has also been involved in the theatre and appeared in a production of Bugsy Malone while he was a member of the Children's Operatic and Dramatic Society.

Nick has been a Beatles fan for as far back as he can remember. His first memory of them is being forced to sing When I'm Sixty Four in the school choir, then coming home and listening to the original recording to discover it was actually a good song! The first album Nick ever bought was With The Beatles and he first started learning the guitar to play Beatles songs.

Nick formed what was to become Like...The Beatles with his brother Steve and his brother-in-law Munro in January 2008. 3 months later, the band had its first gig and the band haven't stopped since!

Favourite Beatles Song: 
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic)

Favourite Beatles Album: 
Oh, so hard to choose... maybe Abbey Road? Or Pepper? Or Abbey Road is certainly, to my mind, the greatest end to any band's recording career."

Beatles Highlight: 
"Seeing The Beatles Anthology for the first time on TV."
Beatles Tribute Band - Like The Beatles: Dan Bio

Bio: Dan has been listening to the Beatles ever since his Dad taught him to use the family’s record player when he was 5 years old and he’d play his Mum’s collection of Beatles Parlophone 7” singles over and over again.


He had his first guitar lesson around his 12th birthday, and there began an obsession with the instrument that has been costing Dan most of his time and money for the past 2 decades. In 2000, Dan went to study at the Guitar Institute, gaining a Diploma in Popular Music Performance.


Dan has performed in countless bands throughout the years – always playing original material. However, when he read the fateful line ‘George wanted for Established Beatles Tribute Band’ in our online ad, it made perfect sense for Dan to marry together his two great passions – the music of the Beatles and live performance.


After a couple of auditions, Dan became our new George in early 2012.


Favourite Beatles Song: “It changes every day, but I’m a big fan of Hey Bulldog, Got To Get You Into My life and Don’t Let Me Down.”


Favourite Beatles Album: “Another tough one. Maybe Abbey Road because it’s got Come Together, the side two medley and two of George’s strongest songs.”


Beatles Highlight: “Seeing Macca at Glastonbury in 2004 and being among tens of thousands of people singing along to the Beatles songs he played. I’ve never experienced music so universal enjoyed on such a grand scale.”



Beatles Tribute Band - Like The Beatles: Munro Bio
Bio: Munro has been drumming and generally making a loud noise for most of his life. A long time fan of ear-splitting heavy rock, Munro decided to join a rock band many years ago, and this is where he met his brother-in-law to be, Nick, when he joined the band 18crown6. With 18crown6, Munro played at many gigs around the UK and enjoyed a small but dedicated following.

Through the band connection, Munro met and married Nick's sister, Kate. It was through this course of events that Munro also met Kate and Nick's brother, Steve. Confused? The point is that, at this point, three quarters of what was to become Like.. The Beatles then knew each other.

When Steve and Nick decided to form a Beatles tribute band at the end of 2007, they didn't have far to look to find a Ringo. Munro wasn't a Beatles fan at first, but the rest of the band have gradually worn him down. He is now the proud owner of a collection of vintage Beatles memorabilia!

As well as his love of drumming, Munro is a keen motor-head who likes nothing more than dismantling engines and covering himself in motor oil. He is very proud of his 1970's Volkswagen Beetle.

Munro formed what was to become Like...The Beatles with his brothers-in-law, Steve and Nick in January 2008. 3 months later, the band had its first gig and the they haven't stopped since!

Favourite Beatles Song: 
With A Little Help From My Friends

Favourite Beatles Album:
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

Beatles Highlight: 
When we are on stage, performing a live set and we all look at each other and think this is fun!